Viral marketing

The viral shoe has dropped.
We assume the wandering cemetery clown is a tasteless publicity stunt.
A midtown street ran clear with vodka yesterday when several large bottles were dumped out as part of a synergistic protest-publicity stunt targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin's "gay propaganda" law.
Don't bring your fancy, Big Brother technology into 5 Point, because as the management says, "ass kickings will be encouraged for violators."
Because... it's been happening.
The Dutch woman who says a cop stopped her for "cycling while sexy" works as a "guerrilla marketing" wiz for VANMOOF, the bicycle seen in the photo. Is she making it up for viral marketing?
We investigate the supposed trend of Nude Video Gaming Parties reportedly sweeping the city.
Facebook is about to launch a new ad feature called "Sponsored
Does last night's big Massachusetts victory for the tea-bagging right have you
If this video is real, get ready to have a new fear
Last month the World's Fastest Nudist was just a mysterious, fanny-pack
The long delayed Grand Theft Auto IV is finally coming out soon,
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