Viola plummer

Councilman Charles Barron, who is a frequent lightning rod for controversy in
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is seeking the dismissal of a civil
A federal judge dismissed defamation charges against City Councilman John Liu related
Usually married people, when not fighting, are pretty supportive their spouses, but
Yesterday, we briefly mentioned that Viola Plummer, former City Council staffer under
Because September 8, 2009 is 776 days away, let's talk the
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn fired Councilman Charles Barron's chief of staff
When you're a public employee who threatens a City Councilman with assassination,
Despite having been defeated in a City Council vote, where his chief
As if the whole failed Sonny Carson street naming proposal brouhaha needed
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn struck Sonny Carson's name from a list
Things got heated in the City Council yesterday as former Black Panther
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