A Brooklyn bar that specializes in craft beer and plays vinyl records got just $1,435 in federal restaurant aid.
They've settled on two new locations for the archives: one in upstate New York near Hyde Park, and another in Los Angeles. They'll also have gallery spaces in multiple cities, including NYC.
The shop is closing later this month after 14 years in the neighborhood.
"We just wanted to do celebrate. There's so much emotion and so much sadness for us and all these people that supported the store and put so much heart and creative energy into making it some kind of a place."
Shopkeepers at six of Brooklyn's best record stores share their personal favorites.
New York City still loves vinyl.
It doesn't quite hit the mark we thought it would. Not yet, at least.
The show premieres in January.
It will premiere on HBO next year.
For his new HBO series, which Mick Jagger is producing.
Up front, Mushroom Toast and Charcuterie; in the back, a special booth made for "crate-digging DJ sets."
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