Vin diesel

You better hide your baby oil, because the powers that be are seriously considering a spin-off featuring the two.
Vin Diesel betrays the family, The Rock gets sent to prison for ~reasons~, there's a submarine car chase, and the saga finally comes to NYC.
Hide your baby oil and breakout the Corona, because a 'Fast and the Furious' BBQ Film experience is coming to Brooklyn.
If this film doesn't include a scene of a car scaling the Empire State Building, we would be very disappointed.
A definitive guide to The Fast & Furious franchise: this is your Come to Vin Diesel moment.
We asked one large beer distributor in New Jersey if they stocked it. "We tasted it and decided not to keep it in stock."
On Chicago's west side, 25% of competing businesses within a one-mile radius of a Wal-Mart went out of business within 12 months, and 40% shut down within 24 months.
This week’s repertory options want to take New York moviegoers around the
Gothamist has worked our way back to the East Coast, after launching
According to Michael Fleming in Variety, former Warner Bros. head Lorenzo DiBonaventura
In the Hindsight is 20/20 department, one sign that lets you know
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