Village halloween parade

A devoted parade lover decided to step in and save the day.
Organizers say that they have received the necessary permits to put the parade on this year, but they need to raise $150K.
The rain let up at just the right time, and huge crowds once again lined Sixth Avenue for the annual celebration.
Sadly, it's not an ode to either The Troggs or the classic '80s movie 'Major League,' but rather a general grouping of monsters, beasts and other masked creatures.
An estimated two million people packed into the West Village for the annual celebration.
The crowds along the parade route were massive, and the costumes as crazy as ever, despite the terror attack just hours before the start.
That means animals! Scary ones!
Behold all the zombies and killers, sexy beasts and cartoon characters, conceptual creations and cultural allusions.
Keep these street closures in mind or else you'll have a hellish time trying to cross the street.
The campaign passed its funding threshold earlier today.
Unless a Kickstarter can save it...
We've got more photos from last night's Halloween parade, featuring a lot
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