'After almost 15 amazing years, Videology will be closing its doors for the last time on October 27th.'
It's hard to see how Videology's tiny back room could threaten one of the most powerful premium cable networks.
Here are our favorite karaoke parties, trivia events and nostalgia nights in the city.
Wouldn't it be more pleasant if Central Park South were dusted with the Stay-Puft Destroyer instead of slush?
A Maccababy's gotta do what a Maccababy's gotta do.
Stars Hollow comes to Williamsburg.
Williamsburg is suddenly bursting at the seams with cinema—and in most of these places you can wash down your Bunuel with a Brooklyn Lager. Here's a guide to the five best places to watch.
Rather than go out of business, beloved Williamsburg DVD rental store Videology has metamorphosed into a cafe and mini-cinema. You can still rent movies there, too.
A Williamsburg video rental store is adding booze and a screening room, in an attempt to win customers back from Netflix.
This 4-year-old has her own art show in Chelsea... what do you think of her work?
For this week's Staff Pick, we talk to Adam Sypnier of Williamsburg movie emporium Videology to find out what he's been watching lately.
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