Video games

Mario's ultimate goal was to “push some positivity and hopefully make the people laugh.”
The indie video game haven opened following a successful crowdfunding campaign.
'When you think about game developers, it’s kind of a toxic industry, and people who aren’t straight white men tend to get shouldered out. But I can very much relate to an underground space like the Dreamhouse.'
Luckily, a handful of great arcades are hanging in there, offering us the chance to try out brand new machines and button-mash along to old faves.
New obsession: controlling the subway lines like an omnipotent Cuomo.
'Super Mario Odyssey,' the new Nintendo game featuring everyone's favorite Italian plumber, features a city that looks suspiciously like New York.
The 15-year-old suspect allegedly took out a loaded .32-caliber revolver after scoring a touchdown in Madden NFL, and waved it around, inadvertently shooting the victim in the head.
Some sad sack in a Yankees hat was caught on camera in a Long Island video game store one day after he allegedly burgled a Williamsburg apartment.
RIP Ralph Baer, who created the first video game console.
You may recall your boyfriend and his fraternity brothers studying something similar in college.
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