Dame says this is a "huge milestone... not just because it marks the end of the lawsuit, but because of what it means for the perception of pleasure, specifically women’s sexual pleasure, as part of the wellness conversation."
There are drugs in that, and then there’s a blunt
If you're anything like us, than nothing gets you hornier than reducing, reusing and recycling.
One middle-aged gentleman celebrating his birthday explained his second trip down the line easily with a wry smile: "two girlfriends!"
The masses left unsatisfied after the Bloomberg Administration's Free Vibrator Cockblocking of 2012 are still not satisfied—but Trojan says they're trying to get their giveaway buzzing again. And City Hall gives us hope it'll happen.
The hotly anticipated Trojan vibrator handout went terribly wrong in the Flatiron District today, where eager beavers stood on line around the block waiting for their free Pulse toys
Sure, why not?
It's often said that in 1917 there were more personal vibrators in American homes than there were toasters, but what did these vibrators look like?
The TSA agent who found left a note next to a passenger's vibrator has been dealt with, the Administration says.
A blogger and co-founder of the website Feministe recently flew from Newark to Dublin, and upon arrival found a very special personalized message from the TSA in her suitcase.
Maggie Gyllenhaal has a lot of vibrators if you need to borrow one.
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