Trevor Noah revealed he has a real fondness for Rand Paul.
MTV's president explains the change to Brian Stelter as coming out of the burgeoning cynicism amongst 18-29 year olds following Obama's election. “They were so passionate, and then they hit this wall of the economy.”
MTV wants to cast Occupy Wall Street protesters for the next Real World. Obviously.
Hoorah! For those of you who end up watching The Daily
The kids of Jersey Shore are all being sued by a
Shouldn't the cast of Jersey Shore just be happy enough with
Last summer MTV was being criticized for using the word "guido"
Viacom and YouTube are amidst a battle over copyrighted material, and
In case you haven't heard, both The Daily Show and The
Photos by FourFour Don't these protesters know that the more they
That's Mike Recently some offended folks spoke up about the promos
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