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The governor called Pier 40 "a rare asset in its proximity to the magnificent Hudson River" that should be protected from development.

Victims' advocates argue that, however well-intended these trainings may be in theory, they may reinforce stereotyping and escalate racial profiling.

"In Albany, where there's a will there's a way. There's always money to be had if something is a priority."

Mayor Bloomberg says he'll veto the bill, but the City Council can still override him!

As he promised he would, Mayor Bloomberg vetoed the City Council's living wage bill today. So naturally the Council is planning on overturning his veto.

As expected the governor of New Jersey vetoed a gay marriage bill today, six hours after it hit his desk.

Remember how Governor Paterson had to personally sign over 6,700 line

Veto-palooza is over—for now. Yesterday, Governor David Paterson completed his marathon of

Last night, the State Assembly and Senate voted to approve a