Housed at the new club The Fleur Room, the dome was one a part of the infamous L.A. club Vertigo.
The most vertigo-inducing spot in the city.
Here's a rendering of what will be the city's tallest observation deck.
Navid Baraty's incredible vertigo-inducing photos taken from high atop our city's buildings... are now on display underground.
"I'm a skydiver and I was freaked out," says one witness. "He was just holding onto the window frame. More power to him, but that's ballsy."
This is a photo of ironworkers, working from over 1,700 feet in the air!
We are not using the words "insane" or "vertigo" lightly here. Hold on to your chairs before clicking play.
An iron worker took this photo from 4 World Trade Center this morning and it's making our feet sweat.
These men built New York City from the ground-up, hovering high over the streets below.
Do these photos of the Thanksgiving Day Parade make your palms sweat?
Films that feature doubles, real or imagined, start screening this weekend.
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