They're loving it.
"There was blood all over his pillow."
We're never far from our energetic rodent populations—even when we're eating.
A Native New Yorker is here to answer your questions.
Some schools continuously racked up critical violation points over multiple visits by the Department of Health.
Are rats on the decline or have New Yorkers simply accepted that there's a RAT CRAWLING UP YOUR PANT LEG RIGHT NOW AND THAT'S LIFE?
The bakery was closed by the DoH Friday after they discovered "evidence of mice" and "inadequate personal cleanliness."
Earlier this year Brooks of Sheffield did one of their regular "Who Goes There?" column on the ancient Bleecker Street pizzeria John's of Bleecker Street. Yesterday the DOH answered the question: vermin.
There are a number of items which, for good reason, are not permitted in a courtroom. But where does it say that you're not allowed to bring in a choice collection of rat carcasses?
A video of a rat rolling along like a child rolling down a hill at recess might be a whimsical escape from the banality of life, if the rat weren't in all likelihood very ill.
The only thing more horrifying to see in the produce section besides a dearth of green bananas? Rats.
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