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“We've all grown exhausted by all this stuff. Financially, this doesn't help. I don't want to do anything to turn a single person away. All I want to do is sell wine and put on music."

There are tons of amenities for touring groups, including four separate green rooms, an apartment filled with records and a vintage jukebox, outdoor spaces, and a private pool.

This was the first full-capacity show at any New York arena since March 2020.

Jeff Tweedy will be kicking things off at the venue (which even features an apartment and private pool for artists) in September.

"Venues are being reopened now indoors when numbers are still more than four times higher than in the summer."

For many of them, especially the smaller ones, alcohol sales are what pays the rent.  Or the insurance.  Those are two big costs that don’t go away when a venue is closed.

An up-and-coming act named Jay-Z will play opening night there on April 26th.

Alan Cumming's new nightclub slash dive bar pushes off pretension with an inclusive and welcoming environment of performances and plenty of dancing.

A few days after the fire, the venue announced it would be closed for at least a month, but that time stretched out to over three to fully reconstruct the upstairs bar and bocce courts.