Artists who have a more plug-in and play set-up have been easier to book through the shifting landscape of the pandemic, the historic venue's booker said.
Outside of New York City, gyms and fitness centers can also loosen restrictions starting on May 15th.
The indie video game haven opened following a successful crowdfunding campaign.
The areas are new this year, and come with around $5.5 million worth of renovations.
Coming this summer, a new venue at Coney Island.
The venue has better amenities for audiences and performers alike.
The multi-room space will host venerable acts and record collectors alike.
The Union Square venue is getting upgrades and new amenities.
The 24,000 square foot converted warehouse comes to Bushwick in November.
This enormous new compound had some false starts last year, but they've just opened up their summer oasis component.
The Bed-Stuy/Bushwick venue was cited for multiple building code violations.
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