Both he and another vendor were arrested.
Unable to continue paying the $10,000 a month rent for the coveted real estate outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, organic cupcake vendor Cake & Shake has bowed out of their 5-year contract with the city.
In NYC, we're lucky to have some of the greatest tap water in the entire world, but some people insist on buying bottled water from stands. And they're getting ripped off in the process.
Brooklyn Heights residents refused to allow one vendor to sling dogs on Montague Street—and they took to a local blog to complain: "Disgusting food, served by disgusting people to disgusting people."
Once again the prime peddling real estate outside the Met is causing friction between "rent a vets" and vendors who paid dearly for the privilege.
Vendors who pay the city hundreds of thousands to sell outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art are upset at the "rent-a-vets" horning in on their territory.
Tien Mao/Gothamist When you think gourmet lunch, a food cart in
Bootleggers, in this city?! Never. According to the Daily News, Queens
Lance Orton Two disabled Vietnam veteran street vendors and one mounted
The city won't allow cupcakes to be sold at school bake
It's strangers' saliva that makes it so succulent. (Afogarty62's Flickr) During
Photos by niznoz on Flickr Starting next month, Central Park vendors
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