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The vending machines will disperse masks, sanitizer and more, for a price. Here's where to find them.

In the early 20th century, an advertising entrepreneur named Artemas Ward made the astute observation that subway riders waiting on the platform were the perfect captive audience, susceptible to both boredom and impulse.

The vending machines have arrived in our subway stations.

Please stock them with hand sanitizer. Please stock them with hand sanitizer.

That's right, in the time that it takes you to call your favorite pizzeria and beg them to use ranch dressing instead of tomato sauce, you could have a piping hot pie!

Which is why healthy vending machines in school make far less than the regular machines do.

It was bad enough when Pennsylvania got its first self-serve wine kiosks

Eggs are healthy, right? (Found Shit) After a ban on baked

Okay, so the school Bake Sale is on its way out,