Vending machine

A new company, Farmer's Fridge, is bringing salad and grain bowls to vending machines in NYC.
The vending machines have arrived in our subway stations.
A man used stolen credit cards to charge baubles valued at hundreds to thousands of dollars.
A renegade vending machine project will be heart-mending duct tape and other adorable items to your standard snack machine.
This pizza vending machine is coming stateside, and will charge under six bucks per personal pizza.
The Swap-O-Matic a vending machine art project that travels around Brooklyn, allowing users to exchange goods without exchanging money.
Last year school bake sales were out, and new healthy alternatives
The first bike part vending machine in Williamsburg—and the first in NYC,
Graffiti accessories have received the vending machine treatment! Animal reports that the
Last week people started spotting an idea vending machine in the East
Photo of the JFK Apple vending machine via driopp's flickr. Why
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