Velvet underground

Starting today, the public can access an archive of ephemera that belonged to the late singer.
The free show features Reed's guitars placed against amplifiers, creating a cacophony of suspended notes.
It's one thing to embrace gross artistic appropriation. It's another thing to get all the details embarrassingly wrong.
The immersive multi-media exhibit will open October 10th and run through December 31st in Greenwich Village.
Below, watch a 15 minute short film on the group, which includes their entire first live show at Sidewalk Cafe from last month.
This Friday, you can see the pizza-obsessed Velvet Underground cover band for free live in Williamsburg.
Macaulay Culkin's hobbies includes changing all the lyrics of Velvet Underground and Lou Reed songs to pizza references, and playing those covers with his band, The Pizza Underground.
Children were dancing to "Venus In Furs" today at Lincoln Center as part of the Lou Reed public memorial. Click through for lots of photos and videos.
Check out 28 amazing photos of the late, great Lou Reed above, and lots of tributes, remembrances and other ephemera about Reed below.
There's been an outpouring of affection and tributes to Reed across the internet—below we've compiled some of our favorite pieces, some amusing Reed ephemera, and a 75 minute long documentary.
Lou Reed made a whole lot of amazing music beyond "Walk On The Wild Side" and "Sweet Jane." So below, we've compiled a list of 15 slightly lesser-known favorite Reed songs.
Former Velvet Underground singer, rock and roll icon, lifelong New Yorker, and cantankerous genius Lou Reed has died.
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