"Really, it's just about celebrating vegetables."
Two days of kale and cashew-based foods; what could be better?
"It's radical to you but I consider myself radically compassionate."
All of the "likes" and syntax errors aside, this is probably the most articulate Stodden has ever sounded (maybe all the gruesome slaughterhouse footage helps?).
After the truth was revealed to a longtime patron he took to Twitter, and now the fast casual chain is getting ready to revamp all of its menus.
Can vegetarians sue a restaurant for serving them meat? A panel of three appellate judges in New Jersey have decided that yes, they can.
PETA has declared Kristen Wiig and Russell Brand THE Sexiest Vegetarians of 2011.
It's time to dust off the 'ole giant pink human colon costume: the annual Veggie Pride Parade is taking place tomorrow in Manhattan!
Airplane tantrums aren't just for disgruntled employees and Ivana Trump: a
Pro-vegetarian author, reality TV contestant and PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich
On the outskirts of Queens’ Murray Hill, which is best known for
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