We can feel faux righteousness eating dessert, with NYC chefs employing the veg in sweet applications at their restaurants.
Now that hipster lettuce has jumped the shark, it's time to move on to other equally awesome greens.
Prescriptions for fruit and veggies? The City of New York is ready to be your pusherman.
Morels, ramps, rhubarb and more are all starting to show up at the greenmarkets!
We didn't spot any human colon costumes, but there were plenty of other interesting ones at this year's Veggie Pride Parade that you can see in the photos above.
Do you love your children enough to get them to drink sugar-coated vegetables?
Sometimes, Michael Bloomberg, it is like we hardly know you.
Let the Ramps Watch begin!
Ever wondered what the High Line would look like in vegetable form?
Eat more fruits and vegetables, people.
A Florida family is "fuming" over a $300 fine they received after they got caught bringing an apple, a tomato, and three cucumbers from Israel through Newark Liberty Airport on Thursday.
Kraft has started adding powdered vegetables to their classic macaroni and cheese in an attempt to get kids eating healthier, but not everyone is thrilled with the sneaky idea.
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