Columbia University researchers identified coronavirus mutations that could be connected to higher cases, hospitalizations and deaths.
The number of official cases started creeping up again at the same time that the positivity rate was trending down. Was it due to at-home tests skewing trends or something else?
The city's teachers' union also agreed with the decision to lift the mask mandate for children ages 2-4 in 3K, pre-K, and day care settings.
Studies have determined wastewater is an effective tool to track rising coronavirus levels, but it’s unclear if it can replace conventional testing in New York City.
Health experts discuss whether this variant will stay in the background as New York’s winter surge peters out or lengthen the wave right as life is getting back to normal.
Imagine the worst cold you’ve ever had, where someone is occasionally stepping on your chest just below your collarbone.
Keeping hospitals from getting overwhelmed as the pandemic rolls into its third year is a key factor in preventing another lockdown.
Experts say the pandemic is transitioning into an endemic, mostly for the better unless you’re still unvaccinated.
Dr. Mary Bassett, who was once New York City’s health commissioner, is advising everyone to get booster shots if eligible, wear masks indoors and get tested before attending family gatherings.
The head of NYC Test & Trace discusses how the public health initiative is looking for omicron cases, including those connected to an early outbreak at a Manhattan anime festival.
RWJ Barnabas Health medical centers feel ready when it comes to emergency supplies and are finding ways to cope with staffing shortages.
Dr. Celine Gounder, an infectious disease specialist at NYU and Bellevue Hospital, gives advice and explains what's known about the newly arrived omicron and the ever-present delta.
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