New York City's ban on non-tobacco vaping products is set to take effect in July.
"Our message on vaping remains unchanged," Governor Cuomo said. "If you don't know what you're smoking, don't smoke it."
'We need to protect our people so they’re buying a product where they know what’s in it, they know that it’s not dangerous, that it’s been tested and regulated by the government.'
The governors want to coordinate their efforts with regulating cannabis and vaping.
The state Department of Health says they have received 110 reports of severe lung illness from patients who vape.
Juul borrowed directly from the Big Tobacco playbook in order to hook teens, according to the lawsuit.
"Vaping is dangerous, period. At a minimum it is addicting young people to nicotine at a very early age."
NY Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal reportedly plans to introduce a bill outlawing all e-cigs until the FDA approves them.
'Smoking is the what your parents or grandparents do,' one anti-vaping teenager warns. 'Vaping is the new hip thing.'
Many patients reported 'the use of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-containing vape products.'
The city's ban on e-cigs in bars, restaurants and public parks was upheld unanimously by a panel of judges.
"I was so annoyed by their disregard to their fellow bar-goers that I had to move to the other room for fear that I'd smack that little aluminum cancer boxes right to the ground."
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