Vaccine mandate

Neither Tuesday's announcement nor a health advisory from Monday contained a new mandate for mask wearing, despite city policy recommending such a measure.
Anyone not infected during the first months of the year would still likely be susceptible to infection with BA.2 and other omicron spinoffs, hence why the city has moved from low to medium risk.
City officials won’t say how many of its more than 5,000 unvaccinated officers have received exemptions or termination letters so far.
The mayor cited the decision as one of economic necessity and denied he succumbed to public pressure.
To help cut through the fog, here’s a recap of how New York got here and where we might be going.
Health experts discuss whether this variant will stay in the background as New York’s winter surge peters out or lengthen the wave right as life is getting back to normal.
Over the objections of some public health experts, the mayor said the city had reached the point in the pandemic where vaccination rules in busy indoor social settings could now be lifted.
New York City students who are under the age of five will need to continue wearing masks in class, even if the school mask mandate is lifted by Mayor Eric Adams next week, because those kids are not currently eligible for COVID vaccines, a spokesperson for the mayor said.
An explainer for any New Yorker who has no idea what’s happening right now with COVID mandates.
With 25% of NY health care workers as yet unboosted, the state seeks to avoid staffing shortages
Gothamist obtained a ledger of payments the state made to its primary testing provider to understand how many taxpayer dollars have gone to support unvaccinated public workers who want to work in-person.
About 3,000 city employees are being targeted for termination, but many more are still awaiting decisions on vaccine exemptions.
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