Vaccine hesitancy

Nurse Sophia Labarbera-Limone has caught the coronavirus multiple times and has had one dose of mRNA vaccine. But she refused to take a full course of shots due to a documented allergy and was fired by NYC Health + Hospitals.
City officials won’t say how many of its more than 5,000 unvaccinated officers have received exemptions or termination letters so far.
The elevated risk level threatens to scupper the rollback of city and state health precautions and also comes as federal pandemic funding is evaporating.
Gothamist obtained a ledger of payments the state made to its primary testing provider to understand how many taxpayer dollars have gone to support unvaccinated public workers who want to work in-person.
The iconic oceanside neighborhoods experienced a fatality rate nearly three times the citywide average.
Local and federal health officials have recommended COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy for months, but women report at least two New York City-run sites aren't following protocol.
According to city data released Friday, the police department has 6,170 employees -- or 11% percent of its 52,100 employees recorded in October -- requesting religious or medical accommodation.
With three days to go, New Yorkers face the prospect of 33,000 government workers being told to stay home when enforcement starts on Monday, hampering tax-funded services citywide.
"We can’t rule out the possibility of some operational disruption," said City Councilmember Mark Levine.
New Yorkers made 5,249 missed pickup reports between October 20th and October 26th, compared with just 1,109 a month earlier.
Gov. Kathy Hochul says she will fight the decision in court.
“Nurses fall prey to the same misinformation that non-medical professionals do,” one oncology nurse said.
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