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Only 7-8% of the eligible population have gotten the new bivalent boosters, one of many signs that New Yorkers might be downplaying a disease that's still killing hundreds each month.

Here's your guide to finding the updated COVID-19 boosters and what they mean for your body’s protection against the coronavirus.

The city’s health department plans to award $5 million to community groups to produce targeted educational materials and conduct in-person outreach in bars and clubs to help reduce vaccine disparities.

New York won’t receive additional doses of the vaccine until the transition is complete.

Kids younger than 5 have been eligible for the shots for about two months.

How do you find your old vaccine records? Is a child protected if they haven't had all their shots? Who's at risk, and does polio spread in pools? Here’s a guide to facing a polio outbreak in 2022.

Kids in this age group have been eligible for COVID-19 vaccines for less than two months.

The mass vaccination hubs will only operate for a single day, as the health department tries to capitalize on a new shipment of vaccine doses.

Tuesday's rollout marked the third consecutive flub in a row and came after the city switched website vendors.

Sandra Lindsay is a critical care nurse at Northwell Health who served on the front lines during the pandemic.