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Governor Phil Murphy has finally released vaccination rates for state workers, two months after his mandate took effect.

"These places have been treated as more dangerous [than other cultural venues], and they continue to be treated that way by the mayor."

The governor is expected to make the announcement in the coming days.

"I'm thrilled to be here to support him, but more than that, it's still about supporting Broadway and being here for the first show when we opened."

The city would need permission from the state to lift residency restrictions.

The Mets & Yankees are allowed to go to 100% capacity for fully vaccinated fans in certain sections, while also keeping part of their stadiums reserved for unvaccinated fans at 33% capacity.

The New York State Health Commissioner has halted all vaccinations with the Johnson & Johnson shot, pending an evaluation.

Huge Ma, the founder of TurboVax, did not endorse Andrew Yang but said he was watching all the candidates.

For its first week in operation, the bus will be focused on restaurant and delivery workers.

Universal eligibility for anyone older than 16 will start on April 6th.