Some schools have three-quarters or more of their students vaccinated. Others are far behind.
For a limited time, payments for New Yorkers getting COVID booster shots will resume
The figure represents less than 1% of the city's workforce.
If you see one of these public health misinformation ads, report it to 311.
The governor emphasized that the vaccine "remains one of our greatest weapons in fighting the pandemic."
The sites are located in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.
Six municipal agencies, including those that make up the city's first responders, are yet to see their vaccination levels hit 60%.
Parents and members of the Spring Creek High School community say they were unaware of the scope of the incident, which showcases gaps in COVID policy and communication for New York City schools.
The incident comes just days after the city began enforcing an executive order that requires restaurants to check proof of COVID-19 vaccinations before customers can enter their restaurants.
The city had originally required all school staff—teachers, administrators, and other employees—to be vaccinated by September 27th.
"To the parents, do us all the favor, do the right thing,” Mayor de Blasio said.
The policy will not feature an alternative for weekly testing.
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