About 15,000 customers in NYC and Westchester have been enrolled in a pilot program, set to start on April 1, that will give them reduced rates for electricity usage during off-peak hours.
During a meeting before Hurricane Sandy, LIPA executive were more concerned with hiring a branding consultant than the oncoming storm. In fact, they spent less than a minute discussing the incoming hurricane.
The utilities, for their part, say it is too soon to say who will foot the bill.
The record heat wave began to break yesterday afternoon, but with temperatures in the 90s, it was tough to notice a discernible difference unless you crammed that package of frozen spinach down your pants.
Now that a federal ruling has raised the amount that power
Photograph of a Con Ed truck and workers by Pabo76 on
The Ravenswood Generating Station in Long Island City which Con Ed
Con Edison won approval from the Public Service Commission, the state
Photo via tobyleah's flickr Shocking. Con Ed reportedly charges the highest
Last month, the Public Service Commission approved a 2010 Con Ed
Though the clock ticked past last night's midnight deadline for contract negotiations
Tonight, if midnight strikes without a new contract from Con Ed, the
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