State police are searching for a man who shot at least six people at two separate locations in Herkimer County.
A woman was killed by a 3 train at Eastern Parkway and Utica Ave this morning after reportedly fainting on the platform.
Why stop at "Barak"? Why not make him "Bark Obama"?
Asked what was wrong, the woman "became aggressive," lunging at the officer and attempting to bite him, and screaming that "she wanted to kill someone and eat them."
A Utica man has been arrested for accidentally striking his 8-year-old son with a samurai sword while trying to hit another man with it.
The video clip that appears to show a Utica road cop planting drugs during a traffic stop last February doesn't tell the whole story, Utica police Chief Mark Williams insists.
This video obtained by the Utica Phoenix upstate seems to show a policeman taking a bag of white powder out of his pocket and planting it inside a vehicle while searching it for drugs.
If you tell the authorities to "Catch me if you can, I'm in Brooklyn," it's possible they can.
Early this morning a security guard was stabbed to death in
The beaver that was rescued from the East River by an NYPD
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