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'The final rule would cause serious harm to individuals, communities, and the nation while doing nothing to improve the health and employment of those impacted by the rule.'

If you plan procreating, now might be a good time to trade in your MetroCard for a Ford Explorer.

A Whole Foods distribution center in Connecticut was also affected.

Costs of dairy and meat are expected to be the biggest problem in the U.S. but coffee, sugar, wheat and rice aren't far behind.

"They're well equipped to take these pigs out."

These turkeys shall not go gentle into that good night.

Big Meat is not pleased with the decision. Surprise, surprise.

It was easy for officials to round up the geese on their kayaks because geese can't fly during molting season.

In the senior Senator from New York's latest attempt to help local businesses Schumer has gone and called on the USDA to make it easier for public schools to serve Greek yogurt.