Us attorneys office

Prosecutors say they smuggled drugs and cell phones to gang members.
Police had been investigating the apartment where Williams allegedly purchased the drugs.
Joseph Centanni allegedly demanded sex acts from his tenants or prospective renters for 15 years, officials allege.
The announcement follows a year-long Gothamist/WNYC series investigating allegations of police corruption and brutality in the small, majority-Black Westchester County city.
Margaret Garnett's departure comes just days after her department released a report into Mayor Bill de Blasio’s alleged misuse of public resources in both his failed presidential campaign and for his family’s personal life.
The state's U.S. Attorneys want New York to fall in line with the Department of Homeland Security's request for DMV data.
Federal prosecutors will not pursue a case against the NYPD officers who shot and killed 28-year-old Mohamed Bah in Harlem in 2012.
He allegedly tried to arrange sex with an 8-year-old girl, among others.
De Blasio was cleared of both pay-to-play charges surrounding alleged favors to his supporters and fundraising for upstate state Senate races in 2014.
The president "threatens to undermine our constitutionally created judicial system," the group wrote in a statement.
He is supposed to report to prison on April 21st.
He represents one of the largest yeshivas in Brooklyn.
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