A self-shot video of three teenagers successfully sneaking onto the new Tappan Zee Bridge ultimately lead to their own arrest and misdemeanor trespassing charges.
Officers reportedly at first thought there was a mentally ill person scaling the thing.
He was charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing.
Because they're there?
The 25-year-old man killed while allegedly attempting to ride atop an F train Wednesday is remembered as a prolific photographer and urban explorer.
One of the most iconic urbex photos of the 21st century.
'When you're up there, you're the highest person in the city and you can see the horizon on all sides.'
The City Council's Parks and Recreation Committee is looking at the city's various abandoned islands.
In 2002 the High Line was still undeveloped—take a look back at how it used to look, long before construction on the park began (including shots from the still undeveloped Phase III area).
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