Urban planning

Rodriguez chaired the City Council's transportation committee.
“It’s now up to the City Council to do the right thing and say no to this wrongheaded, destructive plan.”
In reaction to the building's destruction, one urban critic wrote, 'I weep for my city; it is committing urban suicide.'
'There are these battles of access that often play out through architecture and urban design. They seem neutral at first, but then they become political.'
The wildest and worst architectural and planning ideas for New York.
Proposals range from expanded bike lanes to underwater buses.
For the first time, Google Street View is offering users the chance to travel back in time to see how a location has changed, thanks to images dating back to 2007.
Kitty City: where urban planning meets cats.
However, it's up the City Council to make sure MSG can't sit there forever.
After being lambasted by the neighbors for their last stab at a
Yesterday marked the DOT's official opening of the long-awaited improvements to Union
The NY Sun reports Madison Square Garden officials will just renovate
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