Urban farming

T5 Farm, an organic rooftop garden founded by JetBlue, is currently in bloom.
"He put his fingers up, two fingers on his right hand, then five fingers with his left hand..."
A new multimillion development in Staten Island will house NYC's first live-in urban farmer.
The grocer has partnered with Brooklyn-based urban farming company Gotham Greens to build the huge year-round farm.
The lack of pesky farm predators, like foxes and deer, means that farms can flourish on roofs.
Tired of staring at an ugly, unused lot near his house, Todd Bieber finally decided to do something useful with it, albeit something slightly less-than-legal.
With all the hoopla about urban farming lately, we're always intrigued
Still shot from New York Farm City Urban farming is so After receiving a stop work order last week, rooftop farm
The New York Restoration Project is holding its NYC Grows event at
Rooftop farm in Greenpoint With rooftop farms all the rage right
It's not uncommon to hear about animals being housed in New York
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