Urban exploration

A self-shot video of three teenagers successfully sneaking onto the new Tappan Zee Bridge ultimately lead to their own arrest and misdemeanor trespassing charges.
The bridge parties are now over, but we got a sneak peek.
The 25-year-old man killed while allegedly attempting to ride atop an F train Wednesday is remembered as a prolific photographer and urban explorer.
His mother insisted, "He wasn't a daredevil."
Police are trying to catch some urban climbers who were photographed atop the Williamsburg bridge yesterday.
Urban explorer Steve Duncan takes us on a exotic history tour of the Gowanus Flushing Tunnel.
"James has a place for us to go," I was told. "We're going up the elevator."
The tech savvy NYPD tracked the teen down through his Instagram account, where he'd posted photos of various illicit exploits.
A once vibrant resort is now a set of rapidly decomposing hotel buildings and two mammoth swimming pools.
Inside one of the more depressing abandoned buildings on Ellis Island.
Your illicit visit to the Domino Sugar Factory makes you a terrorist or something!
Have you ever seen the interior of the Chrysler Building's spire? Here it is...
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