Upstate new york

Since spring 2020, the Greenidge Generation natural gas plant in Dresden has powered a 24-7 bitcoin mining operation that is endangering the region environmentally, according to some residents.
"Every surviving actor from the main cast has been here, and many of the guest stars. Bill Shatner loves it so much he's here twice a year."
If you're looking for a place to safely get away from the city for an afternoon, you couldn't think of a much better location than this one.
While Collins had initially entered a not-guilty plea—describing the charges as 'meritless'—it appears he will change his plea on Tuesday.
Cabins in the woods, and on the rolling hills...
Democrats are one seat shy of a majority in the State Senate, and could recoup the House of Representatives.
The only religious groups named in the memo are Amish and Mennonites, and it's unclear if the exemption could apply to those of other faiths.
The island is 55 miles outside of NYC, and features a Frank Lloyd Wright-built guest house, and a main house based on his design.
11,000 photos of 1970s Roadside America are now online, and many feature New York.
The South Will Rise Again, y'all.
A cat with an arrow shot through its stomach was brought to an upstate veterinary after a woman discovered the poor creature in a field.
The event, held at Dun-Well's East Wlliamsburg shop and will feature live music, lots of cheap booze, an Ethiopian feast and, if you're lucky, a few of Dun-Well's cruelty-free confections.
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