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Yet these millions of dollars don't even represent the full amount of issued fines.

Roughly 40% of the facade along Coffey Street has already been torn down.

UPS will shell out $247 million to New York City and New York State for "illegally shipping" hundreds of thousands of untaxed cartons of cigarettes, a federal judge ruled on Thursday.

The drivers' union will be required to pay any damages incurred by the protest in exchange for the workers' jobs, and the employees will serve a short suspension.

The February 26th walkout was held as a demonstration against the firing of Jairo Reyes, a union activist who had been employed by UPS for 24 years.

"We had our peak projections, and the volume has exceeded our projection. We are sorry."

Ordering a shipment of illegal drugs is not without its risks.

As upper-income professional women continue to debate the merits of opting out or leaning in, most working women in NYC can't march into their boss's office and demand a special pregnancy parking spot.

A Queens film production company got a little surprise on Thursday when 10 pounds of marijuana were delivered to their door.