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Last summer, women across the Upper East Side were terrorized by the specter of a pint-sized man dubbed The Upper East Side Groper—today, 18-year-old Jose Perez Hernandez was convicted of sex abuse and burglary.

Yesterday, the teen suspected of being the Upper East Side groper was picked out of a lineup by three victims—but at least four other victims failed to do so. Could there be two pint-sized gropers?

The 18-year-old who was arrested early yesterday under suspicion of being the notorious Upper East Side Groper has been charged in three of the sexual assaults. But his father and former co-workers are dubious.

After months of terrorizing the Upper East Side (and other areas) police say they have caught the so-called Upper East Side Groper.

Police are investigating whether a woman who was sexually assaulted last night near Central Park West and W 67 Street was the victim of the Upper East Side groper. Could that mean the groper is...evolving?

This weekend, the Upper East Side serial groper who has been terrorizing women for the past seven months struck twice.

We've just received a report that a female victim has been sexually assaulted by a man at Lexington Avenue and E 59th Street, whose description matches that of the notorious Upper East Side groper.