Sometime late Saturday night a weak cold front is expected to pass through the city and set up shop somewhere to our south.
Earlier in the week it looked like we were going to have very pleasant weather this holiday weekend, but that forecast is but a dream now.
Things are going to get sloppy.
An itsy-bitsy high pressure system over southern New England will give us a few hours of somewhat dry and mild weather today.
Sheepshead Bay sunset by Grace Brailsford-Cato on Flickr The last day
Photo from WarholMonster on Flickr After a record-breaking snowy February, what
Governors Island by YoAmes on Flickr Unsettled is this week's weather
Photo by Tien Mao on Flickr While last week's weather was
Saturday's sunset by badison of Flickr The flood advisory and severe thunderstorm
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