Unlicensed driver

The bereft mother told the Daily News, "It took too long for them to get there. No other child should die because it takes too long. The ambulance system has to be fixed for the children of New York."
His lawyer said, "He doesn't blame the police officers for chasing him, even though they didn't have to chase him."
The Nassau County DA said that they'll investigate "not just if alcohol and drugs played a part, but also the speed that the car was traveling."
The teen busted the third rail!
Image via Daily News video A horrific Sunday crash has left
Some more details on yesterday's incident where an unlicensed driver struck
At around 12:30 a.m. earlier today, a 16-year-old bicyclist was struck
A 20-year-old woman, spending the day with her family at a water
Jacob Chubalashvili was arraigned yesterday on charges including second-degree manslaughter for crashing
It turns out that the driver of a Mercedes Benz had barreled
Nine-year-old Akeem Suluki was thrown across the road when a car
Photograph by Phil Ritz on Flickr Last month, an out-of-control car
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