United federation of teachers

Parents are also reporting their children are being removed from the city’s opt-in testing program after only a first dose of vaccine.
Mayor de Blasio says all adults in public schools now have until Friday at 5 p.m. to get a COVID shot or they’ll be replaced on Monday.
"Despite our repeated warnings, the city is ill prepared for the impact of the vaccination mandate on staffing in schools and early childhood centers with just four days to go before it takes effect."
The United Federation of Teachers said the city is not cooperating in carving out medical and religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccination mandate, which goes into effect September 27th for 148,000 DOE employees.
The move may close the chapter on the city’s infamous Rubber Rooms.
The plan is to eventually roll out the vaccination sites to schools in all five boroughs.
Here's what health experts recommend instead of the controversial policy that led to frequent school closures.
A spokesperson for City Hall said, "This action is necessary to avoid painful layoffs."
Meanwhile, city education officials insist the first day of in-person school will still happen Monday.
"Things that are not getting done the way they need to be."
Since testing is not mandatory for the DOE staff, these results are coming from employees who underwent testing on their own.
"Do not go in,” a union official wrote. “School buildings should re-open only when proven to be safe.”
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