'They're making announcements but I can't hear anything [because] people are screaming.'
United flight 179 got stuck at a Canadian Royal Air Force base overnight, in extremely subzero temperatures.
If you feel slighted when the Platinum Gold Plus Sky Club Stonecutter members get to board the airplane before you, here's one of their ranks who will make you pity their privilege.
The flight circled the air for two hours, to burn fuel.
Fancy beds, on-demand video, leg room and more...but will travelers be the ones who end up paying?
United Airlines' operations were stalled for hours last night when a computer system crashed, leaving planes unable to depart and passengers unable to get boarding passes or even on their flights.
The NTSB says that the cockpit fire that forced a United flight
So that United JFK-LAX flight that was diverted to DC last
Last night, a fire broke out in the cockpit of a
Starting today, extremely overweight passengers on United Airlines may be forced
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