"Since we came back to work, we have been asked to do a lot more to keep everyone safe. It feels good to get a new contract that reflects the contribution we have made during the pandemic."
Amazon labor organizers on Staten Island are gearing up for their second big test while the company is doubling down on its anti-union message.
Union leaders sent a letter to Gov. Hochul and legislative leaders last week stating that housing insecurity is a major cause of stress for their members. The bill would limit landlords’ abilities to raise rent and evict tenants.
Per capita spending on hospital care in New York rose by about 30% in just four years. The costs can get handed down to the unions' members, many of whom work low-income jobs.
Proponents welcomed the mayor’s decision to require shots for education staff, but unions are threatening legal action.
The Municipal Labor Committee, which negotiates on behalf of unions representing city workers, voted Wednesday to approve a new health plan.
NewYork-Presbyterian became the first hospital system in the state to require COVID-19 shots for employees. Local unions are not pleased.
In a crowded field, union support could be the "building blocks” for winning coalition.
The nod from 32BJ SEIU was the second big union endorsement of the week for Adams, after that of District 37, the city's largest municipal union.
"We will be the first unaffiliated legislative staff union. So we're excited and also scared by that prospect. But it's momentous."
Currently, most union members enjoy low-cost health insurance, a benefit that they've achieved through collective bargaining.
'I think there are people who have made the argument that by osmosis, somehow, Amazon is going to come here and see the light of operating in New York City.'
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