Union square park

The organizers said, 'Be extravagant, be courageous, be proud!'
The attack occurred in a bathroom stall.
This happened around 1 p.m.
The first victim was sitting on a park bench in Union Square.
It's all downhill from here, forever.
If this video is any indication, the cops assigned to Union Square have found a fun way to pass the time on an otherwise boring detail: making sure everybody sits up straight.
Residents of the park say Mitchell, originally from Massachusetts, had been a mainstay for a long time, and had lived there for much of the last year with her dog Buster.
A young woman was found dead in Union Square Park this morning.
After charming him, Normal Bob got an interview with Union Square bully Tyrone, who revealed that he believes he is a moral vigilante doing "god's work" by fighting people. Watch it below.
"The park is deteriorating, because the city refuses to assign enforcement and NYPD around the clock," NYC Park's Advocate Geoffrey Croft told us. "This criminal element is preventing the general public from enjoying it."
As you can see around the :25 mark of the video below, it seems that Union Square Park security, and what appears to be a cop, watched as a man viciously beat another man there.
Between the colorful visual of the bike, the rotating and sparkling rims, how slow it's going, the soundtrack of Shawna's "Gettin Some Head," and the haters-gonna-hate attitude, this video truly is a wondrous thing.
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