Union hall

The first-ever Brooklyn Podcast Festival is coming to the Bell House and Union Hall in November, bringing four days of live shows and panels related to everyone's favorite subway time-killer.
A few days after the fire, the venue announced it would be closed for at least a month, but that time stretched out to over three to fully reconstruct the upstairs bar and bocce courts.
Scheduled shows were either cancelled for moved.
'Place is wrecked,' a band member who played there said.
You can hear bands any night of the week without having to feel like a sardine in Midtown. Here are the best places to do that.
Cheese and beer in spreadable form? Whatever!
We can't promise Big Blue, but we can promise lots of blue-hued cocktails.
Don't Wait For The Man to Rock You, get tickets now!
We know it might be hard to wrench you away from the
Since 2000, Anathallo has been traveling the world, delivering tunes to many
Photo by Bryan Bruchman. At last night's full Community Board Six
Pictured: Jon Crow entering Union Hall; from surveillance video. Before the
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