Workers will rally at MoMA Tuesday night to confront the Starbucks board chair.
Workers walked off the job to protest what the say are unfair wages and scheduling practices
The fires are preventable and fairly rare, but they can be uniquely destructive.
Union lawyers said they suspect the move was retaliatory.
While the LDJ5 had about a fifth of the workers than JFK8, the campaign presented unique challenges.
Organizers have been ratcheting up their outreach in recent weeks for a vote that could have a profound impact on the e-commerce empire.
The Oscar-winning actor said she wanted to show her support to workers hoping to form a union at the e-commerce giant's Staten Island facility.
A majority of workers voted to unionize Wednesday night.
In a first for the Seattle-based outdoor equipment and apparel store, organizers are aiming to achieve union status with a vote scheduled for next week.
Workers say a second union drive announced this week went ahead despite Amazon's heavy-handed tactics.
"These must be a subject of collective bargaining," one union head said.
NewYork-Presbyterian became the first hospital system in the state to require COVID-19 shots for employees. Local unions are not pleased.
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