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Advocates and Democratic lawmakers are pushing for a more permanent solution after the Excluded Workers Fund was tapped out.

The drivers for the apps had only qualified for federal unemployment initially because they were classifed as freelancers.

“I live paycheck to paycheck. I have no savings, and I spent my tax return on supplies for my child and my elderly parents. I just want to survive.”

But lawmakers and legal experts say that the emphasis on eligibility to prevent overpayments—with weekly phone check-ins and prohibitions on part-time work—is a huge reason for the bottleneck in the first place.

Advocates see it as a step towards employee status for all Uber drivers.

In the feel-good-story of the day (week?), the Daily News profiles

Named such because 99 is the maximum number of weeks for

Yesterday, President Obama signed the bill that restores unemployment benefits to

Four former employees of Parking and Security Services Inc. were hit

Yesterday, Senator Jim Bunning (R-Kentucky) blocked the $10 billion Senate bill that