Undocumented new yorkers

State lawmakers are expected to decide by midnight tonight whether to spend $250 million to create a rent assistance program backed by both landlords and tenant advocates, but opposed by fiscal conservatives.
“The fact that this fund has been depleted barely two months after it first opened is a testament to how badly New Yorkers need this lifeline."
The governor said there was "no legitimate health reason" for the government to collect ID numbers from those getting vaccinated.
A $20 million gift from the Open Society Foundations to New York City took a while to set up and is now expected to be given out in full by the end of July
The plaintiffs from all three DACA suits have been using what will be a national moment to call attention to their cause.
'He's quite concerned politically about the bill, so he's leaving it up to the Attorney General to say there's something wrong with it.'
A proposal to require New York foster agencies to disclose how many migrant children in their care were taken from their parents by the U.S. government is losing steam.
'Do you really want to do it and lose the Senate majority and never be able to do anything ever again for another generation? Not me.'
The Green Light bill has 25 co-sponsors in the Senate, which is still short of the 32 needed for passage.
"This legislation will level the playing field and expand access to greater opportunities to anyone who calls New York City home."
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