Undocumented immigrants

Advocates and Democratic lawmakers are pushing for a more permanent solution after the Excluded Workers Fund was tapped out.
An undersheriff for the Orange County jail called the allegations about poor conditions ‘lies,’ and said specific accusations of racism and abuse will be investigated.
Despite the city’s sanctuary law, ICE agents are accused of increasingly suggesting they’re NYPD to deceive immigrants into letting them into their homes.
The state attorney general called Trump's new policy "the latest in a long list of anti-immigrant actions..."
A $20 million donation from Open Society Foundations is the main source of relief while an estimated 192,000 undocumented New Yorkers have lost their jobs.
"If you're poor or out of work and you can't even pay your rent right now, how are you going to be able to afford the cost of burying a loved one?"
With fresh blood in the state legislature, advocates say it’s possible.
'Everybody wants to talk about putting 'Christ' back in Christmas. For us? That means showing up for Christ as he's trying to cross the border.'
'Community members have declined applying to Section 8 vouchers and ask to remove themselves from affordable housing waitlists they’ve been on for years.'
One student created a doorknob that shatters if forced open.
"Make no mistake about it, the members of law enforcement in the NYPD want to cooperate with ICE."
Republican state lawmakers squared off with the NYPD's top counterterrorism official about the possible dangers of deleting the personal data of undocumented New Yorkers.
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