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The dragnet, carried out over six months, found that 58 percent of the pharmacies, bodegas, and grocery stores hit were willing to bag up booze for undercover youngsters posing as wild and crazy kids.

Photographer Bruce Davidson explained to an audience at Milk Gallery in December that he took the photo by playing a role in a police sting to catch subway thieves.

After opposing fans complained of harassment by unruly 49ers fans last week, undercover police will be dressed as Giants supporters to lookout for any trouble. And even better news: the Giants are still the underdog!

Subway crime just keeps going up, so now the NYPD is sending in more undercover cops to sit around loosely holding expensive gadgets.

Investigators targeted a barber who was an undercover cop in the early stages of the probe. Except nothing came of the operation because no cops wanted to go back after they got such terrible haircuts.

Aaron Hand, already in jail for his role in a $100 million mortgage scheme, now faces 25 years to life for trying to hire a hitman to whack a witness who testified against him.

An events planner visiting Miami got an assist from a "small

Kenneth Van Diver, and Tracey Lahey Earlier this month, motorcycle club

Yesterday, the NYPD announced that one undercover cop managed to buy